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RV Communicators

I get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping other Motorcyclists and RVers, truly enjoy their PASSION for SOCIABILITY!

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How nice would it be to communicate with other riders in your group? 

Among your friends in an RV Caravan, or in an RV park?

Buy a Pair NOW via PayPal

To purchase go directly to my PayPal site — even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay via Credit Card… as long as you have an email address!




Professional Two-Way Radios at $99/Pair (or, individually/in multiples) – branded BikerTalk™ and RV Communicators™

These were developed by my partner who sells complete two-way radio systems to 911 Centers, Police, Fire, and School Transportation Departments.  Together, we focused our development to create TOTAL COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS – configured specifically for use by Motorcyclists, Snowmobiles, and RVers — for “SAFETY and Sociability!”

BikerTalk™ could be used by ANYONE!

RV Communicators™ are the same product — NOW targeted at the Recreational Vehicle Market!

  •  Five channels allow talking to your passenger on channel 1, a small group on channel 2, or the entire group on channel 3, etc. — with a simple turn of a knob
  • Range is “line of site”, so ½ mile – up to 3 miles in the valleys. – clear as a bell
  • Professional grade, meaning no “CB” static or multiuser interference and “walk-over”
  • No FCC license required
  • FRS (Family Radio Service), known as the economical “Business Band” – created when the FCC allowed those frequencies that previously were assigned to TV UHF channels – as they were no longer used when the switch to the HDTV standard was made.
  • These “Commercial Grade” radios also have 11 more GMRS frequencies that do require a license – but we disabled these, programmatically in the software.
  • BikerTalk™ can be used with Helmets, or without.
  • They can also be used right along with other communication systems or separatelywired, or wireless.

As I am RETIRED, I certainly do not want to appear as pushing these on anyone, but will be happy to provide advice from my extensive experience – to help group rides – as I spent a ton of time researching this Total Communication Solution… for folks who follow this Social PASSION we call Motorcycling!

Rvers can use them on Caravans, for backup directions given by a helper to the driver when pulling into tight RV sites (avoiding the shouting which disturbs the neighbors — LOL)

… or generally among new-found and old time friends — as they socialize within an RV park.

To purchase go directly to my PayPal site — even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay via Credit Card… as long as you have an email address!


For those interested, I can lead them to web sites for further research or detailed information, and share my contact information – providing Pro Bono time & services, freely.







Jim and Marilyn Bannon

397 West Twin Peaks Parkway

San Tan Valley, AZ  85143

Jim’s Mobile: 815-540-5683BTC_007A.jpgBTC_0010A.jpgBTC_0013A.jpgBTC_0014A.jpgBTC_0015A.jpg

How nice would it be to communicate with other riders in your group? Can you join in the discussion?


Q & A from a potential customer’s email

To answer your specific questions…

  • Mainly interested in just rider/ passenger communication

REPLY:  No problem.  You get 5 channels (ACTUALLY 16 – we have turned off 11 “licensed only” professional channels), just use one!

  • Wireless would be nice but not necessary.

REPLY:  Comes standard with an “Over the ear” single ear headset.  Mic is in the line cord

  • Also can the be voice activated or is ptt the only option.

REPLY:  Ship STANDARD with Voice Activated ON… can teach you how to turn OFF!

 ON would be fine if you were talking with a car or motorhome travelling with you… they would have theirs ON…. But, not realistic for a Motorcycle… as the wind noise would make it an “Unworkable” Solution.

 Wind noise… and no CHEAPIE SOLUTION is the #1 reason for bikers to be disappointed.

 I teach folks for $99/Pair you can put over your ear… go without a helmet, or slide the helmet over the single ear headset… and be fine (using the PTT in the line cord) at slow speeds, or when stopped.

 But, people soon WANT MORE – Typical of us humans, right?

That is why good quality — $200 per pair and UP Bluetooth Helmet units – with NOISE CANCELLATION Electronics …. (Ours are $550 – SENA 20S) are perfectly matched for the Biker Talk Communicators™.

 Best results come from those GREAT QUALITY NOISE CANCELLATION BLUETOOTH HELMET SETS…as well as wearing IN THE EAR “BUDS”… which is how I ryde  — Thanx to the SENA 20S ability to accommodate a “Plug In” earbud set!


If I was talking with you at 80 mph… you would think I was in my office, with absolutely ZERO wind or background noise… and I could hear you (and my passenger) just as clear as a bell!  My music and GPS as well J.

 Hope this helps!


The SR10 Dongle from Sena runs about $140, plus $20 for the RADIO SPECIFIC connecting cable for the PTT (Push to Talk) radio. For some, this cost is an obstacle that I am trying to eliminate.

I have my overseas factory looking into building BLUETOOTH RIGHT INTO THE


… eliminating that need!

I also have ANOTHER SOLUTION that I currently air freight from Korea — The bluetooth “Dongle” is the size of a matchbook that attaches to the radio (Into the two-pin headset port)… with a separate wireless PTT Button for the handlebar!
BUT, until I can get buyers IN VOLUME, I can not yet reach the target $99 price point that would seem to be a hugely favorable competitor to the Sena PTT “Dongle” – SR10.
FINALLY, the engineering department is also exploring a “One of a Kind UNIQUE DUAL-BAND solution” — really appealing for bikers — COMBO FRS and CB.
Now, that would be a HUGE game-changing benefit with all the Goldwingers out there stuck on their 70’s antiquated technology with static and “talk over”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Love my pair of SENA 20S Bluetooth helmet units, SM10 Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter, cable from Bob White bought from Motorcycle Dave, and SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter connected to my Biker Talk Communicators(tm) COMMERCIAL grade FRS & GMRS Radios, Plus the Midland Radio Model 75-822 so I can communicate with RVers and Goldwingers…. BUT…. For almost everyone else that would be a HUGE OVERKILL .








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    See the stats for the Lady Audio Podcast….after I made it into a Streaming Video….

     I typically drive more traffic for my hosts than a dozen of their other guests COMBINED.

    You can watch the 56 minutes session on my MOVS (TM) – sounds like “movies” – Mobile OPTIMIZED Video Site….HERE ->


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